story and art by wendy taylor Books

The Flower

Anabella's Bully

On The Way to See the Seals

Kinchi,s Way

The flower is a simple inspirational story gently told and beautifully illustrated. This debut book is perfect for beginning readers. It traces the life of a flower as it finds self-acceptance, purpose, forgiveness and fulfillment.

When Annabella first meets little Joey, she has a problem, a bully problem. Can Annabella figure out how to solve her problem without spending the day in the dreaded time out chair?



Rhode Island offers 400 miles of coast line encompassing a variety of habitats from rough ocean surf to quiet bay inlets. Inland you can find large swamps and tracks of old growth pine. Come join us on our journey to see the seals as we discover some of the wonders of our little state.

The Great Monkey King had everything but he was not happy.  Where do you look for happiness when there is nothing left to buy and no more great deeds to be done?  Help comes, as it always does, in the most unlikely of places.  Follow the King as he looks for his happiness over and under the royal furniture, in the bottom of a bowl and all the way to the muddy fields.